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Marine Surveyors Cayman Ltd. is your trusted source for professional marine surveying services in the Cayman Islands since 2015. With a focus on providing accurate, reliable, and comprehensive surveys.

Marine Surveyors Cayman Ltd. is the Cayman Islands Lloyds Agent.

David Ehnes, owner (since 2019) and marine surveyor, has extensive knowledge and expertise in various areas of the marine and shipping sector with over 30 years in the industry. Yacht and Small Craft Surveyor & Draught Surveyor - International Institute of Marine Surveyors (IIMS). Lloyds Technical Cargo Surveyor. NMEA MEI, ABYC MEC, IYT Instructor (Retired), RYA Ocean

We understand the unique challenges and demands of the maritime industry, and strive to deliver exceptional services tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. Whether you require Pre-purchase surveys, Insurance surveys, Valuation surveys, Corrosion Survey, Damage/claim surveys, Draught surveys, Cayman Islands Shipping Regisrty Tonnage Measurments, Container Inspections, ISO Tank Cleanliness Inspections, Heavy Lift, Cargo Pre-Shipment / Loading & Off-Loading, Lloyds Damage Cargo Claims or any other type of marine survey, you can rely on Marine Surveyors Cayman Ltd. for professional, impartial, and detailed reports. Contact us today to discuss your surveying requirements and benefit from our expertise.

Pre-Purchase Survey

The Pre-Purchase Survey, is a comprehensive inspection of a boat prior to purchasing, to help provide the buyer with peace of mind. The survey includes an in-water inspection, sea trial, haul out (Hull bottom and running gear) inspection and detailed report with recommendations and a Certificate of Value in PDF format. Report can also be used for insurance or financial purposes.

Condition & Valuation Insurance Survey

The Condition & Valuation Insurance Survey is similar to the Pre-Purchase survey without the need for sea trials and in many cases the survey can be completed entirely out-of water (for most centre console boats with outboard application). Includes a detailed report with recommendations and a Certificate of Value in PDF format.

Valuation Survey & Corrosion Survey

Valuation Survey. Looking at selling your boat, but not sure what the value is. A Valuation Survey will provide a current market value of your boat. Corrosion Survey. Marine Surveyors Cayman has the capabilities and experience to conduct corrosion surveys, and stray current testing.

Other Surveys

Damage / Claim Surveys - If your boat has been involved in a accident, or damaged by a storm. A Damage Survey can assist with an insurance claim. Draught Surveys - Used for pre-load and off-loading of bulk cargo. Cayman Islands Shipping Registry - Tonnage Measure. A Cayman Islands Shipping Register 'Certificate of Measure' will be required by an appointed surveyor. Marine Surveyors Cayman Ltd. are appointed and recognised surveyors for the CI Shipping Registry and the (IIMS).

Container Inspections & ISO Tank Cleanliness Inspections

Container Inspections. Did you know if you purchase a used shipping container out of inspection. The container may not be able to ship international and may require a local one-way interim inspection allowing the container onboard a sea going vessel. Call before you purchase the container. If in poor condition we may not allow to ship. ISO Tank Cleanliness Inspections. ISO tanks require a cleanliness inspection prior to shipping onboard a sea going vessel.

Heavy Lift, Cargo Pre-Shipment / Loading & Off-Loading

Heavy Lift. A heavy lift survey provides a third-party witness to monitor and document the heavy lift of expensive cargo, providing advice and peace of mind. Often required by insurance or shipping agents. Loading & Off-Loading. Have your cargo inspected prior to shipping and on arrival to document and mitigate damages. Recommended for expensive cargo and may be a requirement from your shipping company or insurance provider.

Grand Cayman Lloyds Agent

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